Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Deep fried ice-cream

About the food:

This is one of the most amazingly delicious food I ever tasted. I was bewildered to learn about the food when I was in high school. Ever since I always thought of it, but did not happen to taste it. It is only recently I had a variation of this food at one of my friend's place, and I promised to myself, that I have to explore this dish..and a bit of research here and there, and voila..here it is!

Preparation time: 10 mins
cooking time: 10mins

Ingredients: serves 4

1 box of two-in-one vanilla-strawberry icecream (or your favourite flavour)
1 pound sliced white bread
vegetable oil for deep frying
3 heaped tbsp of cornflour
3 heaped tbsp of plain white flour


1. Mix the cornflour and the white flour in a bowl. Add water to make a smooth batter.

2. Discard the side crusts of the bread slices by carefully cutting it with a knife. Put a bowl of water ready and deep a bread slice, and take it out immediately and sqeeze the water out by pressing it flat on the palms of both hands. One fried ball would need 2-3 bread pieces, so keep them ready.

3. Scoop out a big ball of ice-cream and put it at the centre of a bread slice. Make a circular mould with it, cover the top of the ice-cream with the other slice, and make a round mould as perfect as you can.

4. Deep the balls is the batter and cover all its sides.

5. Heat oil in a pan or a deep frier. Start to heat up before you are ready with the ice-cream balls, as frying process has to be very fast, and the ice-cream balls should not wait for the oil being heated. This is very crucial. Deep fry the balls in the pan, turning it on both sides for about 30 seconds. The flame should be high and any time more than this might melt the ice-cream inside.

6. Serve it immediately. You might garnish it with chocolate sauce.

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